Well, Iíll keep it short, as nobody is probably interested in what I eat etc.

As drawing and painting has always been a way of expressing emotions (some unknown) in a way I couldnít in `real` life, this has always been a major part of most of my work. Much of my inspiration comes from experiences and feelings in my daily existence through the years, and mostly with a sort of `hindsight` to the past.

Looking back I can see the change in my own work clearly connecting with changes and developments in my life. As often some can see the positive changes years later, triggered by certain circumstances that werenít positive at all or painful at the time. I can see this reflecting back in my paintings; in a lot of my work Iíve used dark, oppressive `colors`, but often the shadows contain light coming from somewhere. No, past life wasnít that nice to me most of the time. But looking back , I wouldnít have changed it, it made me the person I am, it made my work what it is.

Maybe things wouldíve been better if I was granted a better youth or anything , but I doubt it; some insights in life you can only gain by experiences that youíll curse at, the moment youíre in it.

I began studying on the Minerva academy for arts in Groningen in Holland for graphic designer, later changed to illustrations and graduated in this. Iím still a student at the moment, studying clinical and social psychology at the university in the same town (no, I have seen other parts of the world!). Youíll be amazed how close this two studies, art and basically `study in humans` lie next to each other!

I could now begin `explaining` my work in some rational way, and bore you to death, so Iíll choose the easy way out, and let my work do the explaining.

Albert Hietkamp - asphodel.life@gmail.com