One of the persons I mostly admire and respect, is Maaike Nijlunsing. Someone I met at de art academy and still a very close friend. Her work is, in my opinion at least, an expression of her life caught in a (mostly abstract) way on canvas that, if you take the time to look at her work, will engulf you with emotions that always seem to have more layers of emotions behind them. A lot of things in our lifes have parallel connections; a lot of experiences being quite similar, but expressed in a total different way; as we are, very alike but also so completely different. Take a look!

Miranda Hesseling Also someone I met at Minerva is Miranda Hesseling. A great part of her work exists of `glass-art`. Pictures canít really do her work justice, and in this case the work really has to be seen to be fully experienced. Her work touches a part of, what I can only best describe, as a spiritual, deep sense of emotion seen trough and within glass. Strong, beautiful and fragile as the artist herself.

Also a close friend, Sylvia`s work somehow reflects her personality in all it`s colors twist & turns. A world that`s as exciting as it is unpredictable. There`s so much in her work too see and feel lines, paths that take you to places of her mind, of her heart. A world that only seems to be expanding the longer you`re there.